Mechanical Engineering Innovations


Based on my experience as chief mechanic and chief constructor, fifteen years ago I started a bakery business which was equipped mainly with machines created by me. There, under real conditions, I researched their reliability. In this fashion there were created other business projects too.

Five years ago I started my own firm for consultations and innovations. The firm works in several directions:

  1. Main direction-Creating projects for new equipment by the customer. We work mainly with 2D and 3D CAD programs. This model the machinery and equipment and if necessary prepare presentations with animation projects. Produced prototypes, samples and necessary input into regular operation. Executive staff is floating depending on the volume and complexity of development.

  2. Create documentation of repair existing machines (also floating stock). The documentation is used for production of spare parts and performing prophylaxis or major repairs. When fully worn or missing parts are made defektatsiya and decoding. It is used primarily by service companies. If necessary, use university laboratories technical basis for the type and composition of materials (mandatory requirement for feeding machinery).

  3. Create catalogs witdh 3D models offered by companies and their products. The models are used by the constructors, working with their products, as ready-to-use modules when creating 3D projects. That way the constructors dont loose time for individual modeling of already made modules.

  4. New stand-alone, in-house food industry machine projects. The prototypes are developed to a level, in which they are tested in production conditions for reliability and usefulness. After that they are shown / offered to the client.